Multicultural, festive, safe and vibrant city.


Many people (around 20%) in Montreal are trilingual – they speak French, English and a third language such as Italian, Greek, Cantonese, Arabic, Spanish, etc.

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We have worked over the years with many individuals, families and professionals that relocated to Montreal. Through their eyes we experience Montreal as viewed by people coming from other cultures and places around the world. Again and again we enjoy hearing that:

Montreal is a multicultural haven. Montreal is fun, young, vibrant and optimistic in nature. Montreal is a great place for international businesses. The nature around Montreal is fantastic and accessible year round. Montreal is safe. Montreal is inexpensive.

Many were surprised to discover that they can actually enjoy wintertime by adopting the locals’ way of embracing the winter through outdoors activities.

Montreal ranks 1st in North America for the number of university students per capita and 1st in Canada for the number of researchers and funds invested per researcher.


Montreal ranks 3rd in North America for quality of life - According to the “Greater Montreal Attractiveness Indicators”, published by Montréal International, 2011-2012.