Restaurants & nightlife

Montreal is known for having the most restaurants per resident in all of North America. Its cuisine is a cultural wealth as diverse as its population.


Montreal offers great shopping, excellent dining, an exciting nightlife as well as festivals and cultural events for all tastes.

From the tiny Tonkinoise soup shops on “The Main” in the Chinatown area, to classic French dining at Les Halles, from the steamed hotdogs of the Montreal Pool Room to the breakfasts at Beauty’s or the elaborate and exquisite brunches served just about everywhere on the weekends… you’ll find exceptional cuisine for every palette.

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The city of Montreal was recently ranked 2nd best dining city in North America after San Francisco and ahead of New York.

Indisputably, French cuisine plays a starring, if not dominant, role on the Montreal dining scene. Yet other cultures - notably Chinese, Eastern European, Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Thai - provide diversity for culinary feasting representing some 75+ ethnic groups.

Montreal is known for its nightlife and it is not limited only to college kids. The city has plenty to offer to the older and more sophisticated crowd.

On any given night you will find many leading shows, plays and performances to see.

Montreal has hundreds of clubs, bars, cafes and lounges that can make the perfect night out.


Public Markets, like Atwater or Jean-Talon in Little Italy offer fresh produce, sausages and meats, freshly baked breads, great cheeses as well as Quebec ice cider perfect for a picnic.