Montreal lifestyle

With a unique mix of European and North American culture, Montreal is a multilingual, cosmopolitan and culturally diverse city with the emphasis less on workaholism and more on the daily joie de vivre pace that lends it such an inviting ambiance.


According to a 2012 publication by Montreal International, Montreal was ranked in 2010 as
“the 3rd cin North America on an index measuring overall quality of life”.

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Montreal has established itself both locally and worldwide as a leading cultural
Health care, TV, radio, museums, entertainment, shopping and most public services are readily available in French,
English and - in many cases - a variety of other languages as well.

There are four very distinct seasons here in Montreal. When spring comes the joy on the streets is contagious and Montreal goes into festival mode - Jazz, movies, “Just for laughs” (stand-up comedy festival), etc. This lasts until the end of autumn.

Montreal is also one of the biggest gay destinations in North America with a flourishing gay village, one of the largest of its kind on the North American continent.

Moreover, the December 2010 Mercer Quality of Life Index, placed Montréal 21st among the worlds cities, and 4th in North America for cities with the best quality of life.


The city offers great shopping, excellent dining, an exciting nightlife, along with festivals and cultural events for all tastes.


With an impressive array of prestigious institutions active in all the arts, Montreal has established itself both locally and worldwide as a leading cultural center (It was chosen by UNESCO to be a City of Design, the third in the world after Berlin and Buenos Aires).