Getting around

Walking is a great way to experience the city, buses and cabs are plentiful and the Metro is clean and convenient.


The Metro system is safe, clean, efficient and covers most of the city of Montreal quite well. If you live in the western part of the island you will need to take a bus, drive or cycle to the nearest Metro station.

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Many who live in Montreal do not use cars on a daily basis. They can rely on the very accessible public tranportation which includes the Metro (underground), bus and train services. Except for wintertime, many will also move about in Montreal on foot, by bicycle or using rollerblades.

Parking fees in downtown Montreal have increased dramatically over the last few years, as part of a governmental policy to encourage people to use public tranportation. Currently, parking meters cost from $1 to $3 CAD per hour in the city.

A funny and well known anecdote about Montreal is the impossible street signs system that tells you when and where you are allowed to park. Even lifetime Montrealers can get frustrated trying to understand these confusing and sometimes contradictory signs.


Montreal has been named the top cycling city in North America by Bicycling Magazine. Montreal has over 530 km / 330 miles of bike paths, bike bands and designated bike lanes. 5120 Bixi Bikes are available for self-serve rental at 400 Bixi Bike stations around the city of Montreal.