The buying process of a property in Montreal real estate listings

We will assist you during the entire real estate buying process of purchasing a property: from choosing the property, negotiating the best price and terms, building inspection, financing to closing.

Purchase and sale agreement for residential property


  1. Needs assessment: You will tell us your needs and wishes, desired lifestyle and types of properties you are looking for.
  2. Preselection of matching properties: We will provide you with a detailed report of potential properties based on the needs assessment results.

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For a detailed guide on how to purchase property in Montreal Quebec Canada please see the following link: Buyer’s Guide - Quebec (PDF file provided by the ACAIQ)

  1. Accompanied/remote viewings of properties: We will accompany you to see the properties you like most. If you cannot be there, we will go ourselves, videotape the property visit and provide you with the file.
  2. Determination of fair market value: For each of the properties you are considering we will research the market value based on simiar properties sold or offered in the neighbourhood.
  3. Offer - Promise to purchase: This is a technical process of preparing and presenting an official purchase offer (called a Promise to purchase) to the sellers.
  4. Negotiations: Once the Promise to purchase is presented, the sellers and buyers can counter-offer back and forth several times. Once the price and terms are agreed to by both parties the next step is the building inspection.
  5. Building inspection: This part of the process is extremely important as it determines the structural quality of the property. The buyer contracts the services of an accredited building inspector member of the AIBQ who will provid e a full report on the quality of the property.
  6. Acceptance, refusal or renegotiation of the Promise to purchase: Upon acceptance of the Promise to purchase and acceptance of the results of the building inspection, the buyer then concludes with their financing approval.
  7. Mortgage finalization, property insurance, act of sale with the assistance of a Notary… Move in!

The process of buying real estate in Montreal

In the province of Quebec, all real estate/brokerage transactions will be carried out by the holder of a real estate broker’s or agent’s certificate issued by the ACAIQ.