Montreal Relocation Services

Thinking of taking the plunge and relocating to Montreal? If yes, then we highly recommend the services of ARIANNE Relocation Canada.


ARIANNE Relocation specializes in relocating professionals and their families to Canada. They also offer a full range of services to support companies who are planning to open a Canadian office. Feel free to contact them directly at

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ARIANNE Relocation Canada provides a full range of personalized services for welcoming, guiding, and integrating professionals and organizations relocating to Montreal and other major cities across Canada.

ARIANNE helps ensure that relocating professionals are fully productive upon arrival by organizing all stages of relocation: exploratory visit, pre-departure, in-transit, arrival, integration and repatriation.

Why do relocating professionals and their families need relocation assistance services?

To minimize the stress associated with: moving, finding a new home, organizing local transportation, schooling and government paperwork, etc.

To reduce unnecessary expenses that arise when one is unfamiliar with a city: Overpriced temporary accommodations, vehicle rentals, restaurants, etc.

To ensure that you and your family start off with the guidance and support you need to successfully relocate to Canada.


They are a dedicated, experienced and multidiciplinary team of professionals that offer a one-stop-shop for all your relocation needs.