Montreal is a great place to buy investment property and commercial real estate

In March 2012, a KPMG study says that “Montréal is ranked in the top spot as the city with the lowest business costs” among North America’s.

New commercial real estate building in downtown Montreal

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Montreal is the economic heart of the province of Quebec and one of Canada’s major industrial centers. In recent years, Montreal’s economy has been powered by a radical shift of its industrial structure to that of a knowledge-based economy. This transition has had a profound effect on the Montreal region, the hub for most of Quebec’s high-tech firms, by attracting many telecommunications, multimedia, pharmaceuticals, biotech and computer services companies.

According to the “Greater Montreal Attractiveness Indicators”, published by Montréal International, Montreal ranks 1st in North America for the competitiveness of overall business operating costs, despite the rising value of the Canadian dollar. Particularly in the R&D sector, where generous tax incentives are offered.

Montreal commercial real estate values continue to climb. However opportunities still exist at prices considered inexpensive by Canadian standards.

The Ministère des Finances of Quebec published in 2012 a study that says “Between the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2011 employment gained 2.3% in Québec compared with 1.7% in Canada and 1.2% in Ontario”.

Montreal International published in 2012 studies that says that “Montreal ranked 1st in North America among large metropolitan regions labour markets between 2008-2010″, that “Greater Montréal ranks 7th in North America for high-tech job concentration, 2009″, and that “Greater Montréal ranks 3rd in North America and 5th among 110 major cities for the lowest overall risk related to recruitment, employment and relocation”.

New office real estate building in downtown Montreal

According to a fall 2011 Colliers International Market report, “the average net rent for downtown spaces (regardless of class) has increased by 3 percent since the start of 2011, reaching $14.24 per square foot” and according to a fall 2010 Colliers International Market report “the average rental rate in the suburbs as a whole remained virtually static, slipping $0.03 to $11.64”.

New business real estate in Greater Montreal