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We can even find you an igloo!

The province of Quebec is Canada’s largest province by area and is nearly three times the size of Metropolitan France. Exotic and remote locations are plentiful.


If you would like to escape urbanism and retreat to living in the wilderness, Quebec is a perfect setting for such a lifestyle. This huge province that has only 7.5 million inhabitants offers endless lakes, forests and natural habitats for the nature seekers.

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There are some very interesting housing projects in the city, like the Habitat 67, which is a housing complex and familiar landmark of Montreal.

The Iglood Life

A poem by Arden Davidson (C) 1998

The good thing ’bout living in an igloo is your house can never burn down. And you never have to wash the windows or vacuum the dirt off the ground.

The bad thing ’bout living in an igloo, besides being very cold, is there’s no place to plug in a TV and watching ice melt gets real old.


The Habitat 67 project’s striking design was created by architect Moshe Safdie based on his master’s thesis at McGill University and built as part of Expo 67.