Rentals on or near the island of Montreal

The Montreal rental market is renowned for its low cost in comparison to other major Canadian and US cities.


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Compared to rental housing in other major North American cities, Montreal rentals are very reasonably priced. Each borough of Montreal is different in type of housing, atmosphere and cultural mix. At ARIANNE Real Estate we will help you figure it out and find what you are looking for.

Huge mansions, family homes, townhouses and small luxurious apartments - Montreal’s rental market has it all. We will make
sure we understand your needs, including parameters like schooling, transportation, lifestyle and more so we can serve you well.

In the last few years, there has been extensive condominium development of reasonably priced housing units as well as luxurious residences offering all amenities. Such condominiums can be found in old neighbourhoods that offer charm and convenience.


Statistics by the Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corp. show that the average 2011 apartment rental prices in Montreal were $542 for a studio apartment, $647 for a 1 bedroom, and $708 for a 2 bedroom apartment, compared to Toronto where it is $808, $1009 and $1164 respectively.