Suburban houses in Montreal suburbs for family living 30 minutes from downtown

Green suburbs yet close to Montreal, family oriented communities that offer very good public schooling

Suburbs home for sale in Montreal Canada

The furthest suburban community on the western side of the island is only a 30 to 45 minute drive
(35km / 22 miles) to downtown Montreal. During relatively short rush hour periods driving time can sometimes double.

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On the Island of Montreal or further away on the South or North shores (off the Island) there are many different suburban communities to be found.

In general, if you need to be in the city on a daily basis, you will probably want to live on the island. Most middle to upper class suburbs on the Island of Montreal are west of downtown.

Each suburb has its own characteristics. Some are very rural in nature, like Senneville, located on the western tip of the island of Montreal with homes averaging over $780 000. It is a mix of French and English speaking communities.

The community of Montreal West, located on the outskirts of town, is very different in nature. It is located 15 minutes from downtown and is made up primarily of single family dwellings. In the first quarter of 2012 the average price for a single family dwelling was $380,930 in Montreal’s West Island. Montreal West is notable for having one of Quebec’s highest rated English language public high schools.

Suburbs homes for sale in Montreal Canada

If you choose to live in a suburb of Montreal your family will benefit from a very rich community lifestyle: Organized sports, public parks, ice rinks, swimming pools, librairies, camps, arts and crafts and many golf courses.

Suburban house for sale in Montreal Canada